Unleash tru2way ®

Tremendous advances have been made in the cable telecommunications industry in advancing a Standard for the open access to digital set top boxes such that they are now available as accessories within consumer purchased television sets. This project now known as tru2way®, opens the doors for multiple innovations in the look, feel and use of a television set as a consumer appliance. It is also a boon for the industry to reduce reliance on the purchase of set tops boxes. As one who has traversed those trails, let me convey job well done to those who have brought it fourth.
As the set top box works toward the Internet and appliances built for the Internet work towards the television, products, business practices and revenue streams collide. These sessions seek to hone and focus your company on what prospects may be had with either approach and to explore which risk factors need attention. They are not intended for training on any of the specifics or requirements of tru2way® for which there are other forums more suited to that purpose. Nor are they inclined towards continuation of legacy practices. These sessions are focused on how to tangibly embrace an advance in Standardization and the coupling of network and consumer electronics into alternative products and services. Opportunities abound for vendors, application developers, network operators and service providers alike, if we but relinquish habitual practices, and unleash tru2way®.

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