More than just a Billing System

A Billing System and associated databases are more than just a method of invoicing end users; they are the life’s blood of your business. They inventory your customer base. They organize and regulate your products and pricing. They orchestrate the life cycle from sale, installation, operation and support. They embody your business practices for offerings, credits, discounts, authorizations, checks and balances. Properly designed they may offer CRM, budgeting, forecasting and immediate earnings reports.
Though you may not understand your team in shorts, Birkenstocks and ponytails, they need to understand you and how to most effectively implement your business strategy. These sessions draw upon extensive interoperation with billing, accounting, and inventory management systems development in JD Edwards and Martin Group’s OMNIA to translate your business rules, products and processes in to actionable database or billing system design. Focused effort on communicating the desired needs and objectives to those divining the billing system is precursory to any successful business venture. Know and love your billing system……or at least those who maintain it for you.

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In conjunction with this site, Lone Star Broadband seeks to enable Multiple System Operators (MSO), Independent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and other aspiring local service providers to launch products and services targeted to Commercial and Enterprise customers.

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