Metro Ethernet

Somewhere lost between the enterprise customer’s Local Area Network (LAN) and the vast interregional Wide Area Network (WAN) of fibers built in the telecom boom, resides the forgotten Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). Advances in end user appliances, applications and networking in the LAN are only equaled by the vast array of potential products and services made possible by the economies of scale brought forth in the WAN. Everywhere users seek providers and the greatest bottleneck remains the local interconnection between the two; the MAN. Herein lays the current great frontier for telecommunication companies.
As implied above, Metro Ethernet is not about the chosen technology (of which there are many, each available for review and consideration) but rather how does your company view such a game changing event? Are your networks really fortresses to protect legacy product lines? What are the advantages and disadvantages to offering a highly effective MAN? How can you engineer out cost while adding value to differentiate?
This session has many paths upon which to travel. They can remain targeted and focused on how to employ an effected Ethernet over T1 local loop, Switched Ethernet over single mode fiber, and migration to DOCSIS 3.0 or wireless solutions such as 3G or WiMAX. They may also explore the divestiture of the network, or method of delivery, from the service. Internet Access is after all, a service, not a form of Metro Ethernet. Or, sessions may explore migration of existing products or services to be delivered effectively across a Metro Ethernet network.
Build, operate and maintain a top quality Metro Ethernet network and you shall not want for end users desiring interconnection to services.

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