Product Development as Business Planning31 Jan

The design, implementation and on going support of a telecommunication’s product or service requires development along a business plan. Too often companies are swept up by the latest technology, the newest vendor enhancement, or what is the hottest topic at the last trade show. While rush efforts towards those products may afford favor among an under informed public, they are too often short lived, unproductive, and result in damaging distractions to a company whose resources and limited funds would have found better uses elsewhere.

This session covers how to measure a potential product against the comparative strengths and weaknesses of your company. It drives at defining specific objectives, revenues, costs, and most importantly, how the new prospective product or service will enhance the value a company offers as well as their financial bottom line. Topics can range from reviewing a broad range of related products and services from a high level to in depth analysis and business plan development with specific deliverables and milestones

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In conjunction with this site, Lone Star Broadband seeks to enable Multiple System Operators (MSO), Independent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and other aspiring local service providers to launch products and services targeted to Commercial and Enterprise customers.

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