Several options to tackle your needs;

  • Retainer & Working Projects Remotely – $3,500 / month

Unlimited phone and emails, targeted project resolutions I’d work from my home office; essentially working issues, addressing your team or customer needs via phone and email.  There is an implicit understanding that this is part time support with special projects and response times.  The Retainer keeps me remain in tuned with your company, your team, objectives and resources while resolving lower priority issues.

  • Onsite Projects – $3,500 / week, or $2,000 for 1-2 Days meetings

Stand alone or additional to the Retainer, this provides for projects requiring full time, on site presence or for coordination meetings.  Important to note this is inclusive of any routine travel, accommodations or expense commensurate with providing an onsite, full time presence.  It may be useful, for example, to have 1 week a month presence in at your location in addition to the Retainer.

  • Travel Intensive Projects – $5,000 / week

Stand alone or additional to the Retainer, this provides for project requiring extensive travel between markets or consultations with customers.  This too is inclusive of travel within the state of Texas accommodations and reasonable expenses (additional ICB if out-of-state); useful in a Sales Engineer support role.

  • All else as Individual Case Basis (ICB)

Any other projects, unique requirements or situations can be accommodate upon a mutually agreed upon price.

The objective of RR Online is to offer companies top rate talent and experience below the cost necessary to hire or contract full time.  Support is designed to meet the ebbs and flows of the business cycles while maximizing effectiveness.  It is thus intended that the On Site and Travel Intensive Projects be targeted and focused to one or two weeks per month to be used in conjunction with the Retainer where the majority of the preparatory and follow up work can be performed remotely.  I proffer 11 months of Retainer with 15 weeks of Onsite Project time is as effective as most full time employees at half the cost.

Send me an email if you are interested and what you desire the Scope of Work to include.  Robert Russell Online is an LLC with straight 1099 payment arrangement.



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In conjunction with this site, Lone Star Broadband seeks to enable Multiple System Operators (MSO), Independent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and other aspiring local service providers to launch products and services targeted to Commercial and Enterprise customers.

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