This site serves as a bulletin board of discussions, projects and developments surrounding the telecommunications industry around which I offer insight, shared experiences and verve.  They are available for private consultation, specialized training, project liaison or sales engineering assistance.  In their offer I warrant no individualize expertise nor unsurpassed knowledge, but rather an extensive track record of successful projects, companies, products and business unit development.  The topics put fourth on this site offer the threads which interconnect multiple facets of technology, human resources, financial modeling, strategic focus and analysis of comparative advantage into a fabric which can be used to implement a course of business.

This site is set up around a series of Seminars each with an abstract to describe its intent.  Some Seminars have a more in-depth abstract available once qualified.  Seminars are project oriented consulting services, targeting solutions specific to your company’s need. Topics also describe current activities and areas of interest as they develop which are also available as a source of discussion/consultation.  Subscription to the RSS feed will send you postings made to the Topics section. At the end of the site is a section where you may enter a Comment, Message of Interest,  or Inquiry in which I will explore further with you what value may be added. Happy reading!

Lone Star Broadband

In conjunction with this site, Lone Star Broadband seeks to enable Multiple System Operators (MSO), Independent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and other aspiring local service providers to launch products and services targeted to Commercial and Enterprise customers.

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