Buckets, BORG and Leadership15 Jun

Howdy again from south Texas, though not for long.  Following through on my thoughts from May, I’ve left full time employ with Valley Telephone in Raymondville to try my fortunes again with freelancing and concerted effort to kicking off Lone Star Broadband.  Let me open that my time with the fine people at Valley has been very rewarding and fulfilling.  They’re a strong company and testament to the brand power of local presence and situational awareness.  I wish them all the best and may yet have opportunities to contribute to their future.  Setting aside particulars, my thoughts for today’s post extend again to the mission of RR Online towards creation of a new type of service provider, that of Broadband Access first, service applications second, which in turn lead back to Oaken Buckets, the BORG and Leadership.

On Oaken Buckets

To paraphrase (with some liberties) a third hand account from a mentor who crafts radio advertisements: The story’s told by a seasoned sales person to a young and eager rookie of a prosperous company built upon the fine quality of their buckets made of oak.  They were of excellent craftsmanship and durability, made from the stoutest oak timber, and eventually became a staple in every water well east of the Mississippi.  They were featured in Sears and Roebuck catalogs and dominated the market.  Eventually inexpensive steel buckets began to appear and displace new sales.  The company fought back with adds on the quality of wood, the fine craftsmanship, years of market dominance.  Then came hand pumps and copper piping, further reducing the size of their market.  The company fought back with stressing the home town values of hauling water, virtues of pulling it from the well, seeing the cleanliness before the water entered your precious home.  By the time electric pumps and municipal water systems became prominent the company no longer had money for advertising and quickly vanished.  Never lose sight of that which you sell and the particular value it brings to your customer closed the elder sales person.

One can imagine the poor sales person, asking his director of manufacturing to add steel buckets to his product set.  Or the sales engineer (go with me here, its fiction) describing hand pumps and copper pipe installation services to his vice president of operations.  Investing in a municipal water system would have been pure heresy to the chief financial officer.

When we call ourselves LEC, MWO, IXC, MSO, WISP, what is it that we are selling?  What particular value do we bring our customers?

On the IP-Ethernet BORG

Service Providers will be assimilated and repurposed.  Period, stop.

On Leadership

It matters.  It has tangible causation.  Subtle and direct manifestations have equal import.  It is not about you.  Although roles interchange, Chiefs still require Indians.  Gives rise to and is measured by action.  Ultimately determines your companies’ fate.

And this all matters again why?

RR Online is about action.  What tangible actions can your company take to survive the BORG?  Are you driven by interconnecting users to content or the fineness of your oak’s grain?  Drop me an email and let’s explore.

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