Howdy19 May

Well, finally past the long dry drought, seeing spots of rain and a spring of renewal!

Been focused heavily on getting a new business model, the Broadband Access Service Provider, implanted in an RLEC in south Texas; very rewarding, albeit slower than hoped. Instilling CLEC vigor takes time and patience which is not my strongest suit. Biggest lesson re-learned: Leadership matters.

Blessing, this has enabled a forum to test and hone my approach to building a service provider around being IP-Ethernet local access network first, with everything else just an Ap. Also, how to split Internet Access into a local and long distant component – important for operational and regulatory positioning. Once again, truth is in the revenue. Truly unbelievable what can be achieved and traps avoided.

To this end, my renewal is to focus exclusively on the creation of this business model and those providers seeking to transform themselves. The IP-Ethernet BORG is repurposing Telco’s, CATV MSO’s, Mobile Wireless and even CLEC’s networks into data first networks irrespective of the “service” provided over the top. We must adapt our product offerings and business practices towards this reality or find ourselves usurped without recourse. On the other side, this presents a vibrant opportunity for facility based CLECs, to which end, I am renaming Bedford Telecom to Lone Star Broadband and structuring the business plan around this model.

RR Online will be adjusted to reflect this focus and look for and .net to follow soon.

Registration is filed, corporate papers being worked and actively seeking funding ($2M). Website will follow soon. Legal aid is setting up dividend based stocks structure for first $10M investment. Have three target markets identified and potential investors. Probably take awhile to line everything up, but sure beats watching TV nights….

Been a long hot summer, not a drop of rain… (Robert Earl Keen). Time once again for the blue bonnets to bloom. Cheers!


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