Business Sales vs Business Development12 Apr

To borrow from a valued tome….Business Sales are an Art, Business Development a Science.

Sales are the relationship builders, advocates of impressions and purveyors of images and desires. Developments are the application of solutions to needs, advocates of adaptation towards specific ends and objectives. Both are quite naturally pertinent to the success of any Enterprise, but they both have unique times and places where their efforts most benefit.

Advancement of Sales requires consistency. The “One Off” solution, the frequent exception; each may win a particular sale, but they distract from the flow of opportunities and muddle the product’s description effecting delivery, understanding and implementation. While a customized, hand built automobile may garner premium value per unit, the Enterprise suffers in want of units produced. Greater consistency begets greater production, which in turn, begets greater consumption. Premium products, be they autos or telecom, are not limited by their value or desire by the market, they are strangled by inconsistency.

Advancement of Developments requires inconsistency (a.k.a. Change). If you are applying the same product with the same techniques across a similar market, what then are you developing? What questions are you testing? Variations in feature packaging for a particular make of say a Sedan, are designed to drive sales; it is still a Sedan. While testing and production of a jeep (results of research) into an SUV is development. Development is not cost reduction, not Technology Evaluation, nor Research. Business Development is the application of product hypothesis across the trials of market demand in order to define the theory behind a product to sell. The ideal development refines choices and limits variations to foster consistency.

Sales and Development are competing goods, drawing company resources in different directions. They often require different resolution to obstacles encountered. To be sure, however, the ultimate measure of Business Development’s success is Sales. The measure of Sales is volume.

Do you have a proven product and market and wish to increase purchases? focus on the Art of selling.

Do you have a proven product in one vertical market (say Industrial) and believe it may apply to another (say Medical)? focus on the Science of development.

Do you have neither a proven product nor a know market? Focus on research for you must secure one or the other before you can test your development theories or progress to measurable sales.

Successful Business Development will yield a recipe for a product or a market upon which you then can apply all of the arts of Sales to achieve volume. Business is Sales and Development; an Art and a Science.

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