Trends in Virtual CxO – Talent for Hire – Talent Pools12 Aug

I wanted this post to reinforce that RR Online is about making talent, human resource, and project support available to your company on demand. 

·         Need to fill a personnel gap while you’re looking for a full time hire?

·         Want to start up a new business unit or product offering and need temporary help to get it off the ground?

·         Could you use an extra hand to train your sales team, respond to an RFP, or close a big project?

These are needs filled with a growing industry of individuals for hire as their own LLC, non-payroll.  The medical, financial and legal fields have a well established history of this outsourcing and multiple venues for advertising and marketing their services.  Trends are growing for this type of human resourcing in the Information Technology and Sales organizations as well.  RR Online is the talent pooling of technology officer and engineering for telecommunication related services.

As we’ve all seen in our careers, there are distinctly different staffing and talent needs of companies during modes of Start up, Implementation and Operations.  Right sizing organizations to just what is needed to operate effectively during slow periods is a natural state of business; in fact necessary to survive.  RR Online is about putting experience, resource, and flexibility where and when you need in order to re-enable, reinvigorate your ability to start a project up or to grow an idea into implementation. 

If you have a need, want to pursue an idea, or just need to fill in a gap, send me a comment or email and let us see where value can be added.  Most important, keep doing, keep growing.  Our industry is definitely growing and expanding and we need to keep the progress moving.

Best of fortunes to your endeavors,


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