Are you getting the most out of your B2B sales?11 Jun

Well are you?  It is easy to stand back and just accept the sales that come in; to just match the products and pricing that you see others offering; to not think about dormant assets or stranded investments that you could leverage.  Unfortunately, earning money and staying in business isn’t that easy anymore.  Just as the need for good, solid earnings increase so too does competition for your customers.  An unattended business unit is fragile and easily lost.  What are you doing to retain and grow yours?

·         Are your sales teams hitting on all cylinders, impressing the business community with your company’s ability to deliver top quality service? 

·         Is your suite of products matched to the market segments that you are selling to?

·         Do you have excessive fiber, spectrum, bandwidth, peering, collocation space, tech support, CPE, installation teams, switch capacity, trunking, etc… that may be leveraged into new products or features with minimal additional CAPEX?

RR Online is willing to bet that you can get more.  Get on line, send us your comment, describe your market and B2B sales force and let’s discuss.  If there is potential, RR Online will put up to 50% of any fees payable proportional to measurable lift in your B2B earnings. If there is no match, it only costs you a few emails, phone calls and time thinking about your business.

It may be as simple as enhancing your cable modem or DSL offerings in one or two markets which currently bring in $6,000 in monthly sales; something that would garner RR Online 1-2 days investigation with 4-5 spot training sessions for your B2B sales team over the course of 90 days for a $10K fee.  RR Online is willing to bet $5K of that fee towards a lift to $7,500 in monthly sales by the cycle ending on the 120th day.  Sustain it and you are earning $117,000 more each year; not bad for a $10K investment.

Or you may have heard about fiber based Metro Ethernet, wanted to do something about it, but weren’t quite sure.  Yes, you have fiber and fiber splicer’s, you have a crack IT team managing your CMTS or DSLAM, but you don’t want to bet on $100Ks of CAPEX or worry about hiring new people to get started.  Well, most MSOs, ILECs or Power Companies can get started for as little as $20-30K in hardware and be set to land the first 10-20 customers, each with products valued at $500 – $10,000 MRC with normal in house support.  RR Online can work with you on an implementation plan, support you off and on over the first year, and help you win those sales.  There too, we’d bet up to 50% of the fee for set up, training and ongoing support proportional to measurable earnings on the new Metro Ethernet product.  We can also arrange for contract ongoing sales.

If the potential for measurable lift is less, so too are the fees that’d make sense to implement a project, and the amount RR Online could tie to specific earnings.  No two situations are the same and it may take several discussions or meetings to define what measurable value can be achieved; but like eating a BigTex Jalapeño burger, you can’t finish it unless you start.  In either event, effort spent thinking about your B2B sales, products and revenues will be time well spent.  We’ll tie our success to yours.

Think about it, send us a comment, let’s get started on adding value to your bottom line!


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