Project Liaison – VoIP provider to Metro Ethernet Local Loops07 Feb

I was approached earlier this week by a Hosted VoIP PBX provider seeking access to customers through native Ethernet local loop connections.  They were frustrated in that the only offer they could find were traditional T1 TDM special access type loops, which really defeated their whole purpose.  They’ve allowed me to share my proposal to them as an example of what is offered as Project Liaison Support; just not their name or target market. 


H-PBX Inc (alias) is running an Asterix server application with unique enhancements, they have purchased regional Dedicated Internet Access interconnections and connections into a Voice Peering provider.  They specialize in servers, applications and Internet type traffic, others are managing their DID/DOD pools and POTS interface.  What they needed was a way of communicating their local loop connection desires to the incumbent CLECs / MSO, and a roadmap to setting up and managing a Network to Network Interface (NNI).  We mapped out a simple plan:


1)     I’d start off on site with their team for one week, outlining the building blocks of the NNI, who potential resellers of local loops in that market were, what costs they could expect and which vendors would be best to open dialog with.  $3,500, on site time

2)     H-PBX Inc would then work for the next 30-60 days with the vendors and local loop providers based on our outline to collect costs and possibilities.  Vendors would deliver sample hardware for the NNI for testing.  I would be available on call as needed.  $500 – $1,000, on call retainer.

3)     We’d meet on site again for one week to review proposals, kick off purchase orders and set up interconnect to first desired local loop provider.  $3,500 on site time.

4)     Over the next 60 days we’d have three on site training sessions for the H-PBX Inc sales team on the do’s and don’ts, work through the order flow for the Metro Ethernet local loop and set up practice orders.  $4,000 on site time.

5)     I’d be available on call as needed for the next 120 days while the Beta customers became paying customers and to work through any issues.  $3,000 retainer; additional if more on site time is needed.


So for a $15,000 offer, H-PBX Inc gets access to the experience and resources of an extra technologist / business developer for ¾ of a year, filling in gaps where they lack first hand knowledge, yet someone they also don’t need after the project is completed and operational.  The local loop reseller also hopefully benefits in the offer of a new service for which they had no previous market.


We’ll see if the project kicks off but if nothing else, it has opened up new doors and prospects for them to consider.

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